Emerging Moments

Photographs on the Edge of Imagination

By Jym Kruse

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Just Thirty-Six Sheep

A story about the surprising power of numbers.

Written and illustrated by Jym Kruse

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Wind and Sun

A whimsical, new take on a very old fable of Aesop.

Written by Jym Kruse
Illustrated by Jym Kruse, Juliana Kruse and August Kruse 

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Daydreams:  A Narrative Memoir

Stories of looking back in order to find the future.


By Jym Kruse

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Stories and Songs of Simple Living  Edited by Jym Kruse

An anthology of stories and songs by some the the country's best-loved storytellers.

Dad Threw the TV Out the Window - [Bill Harley]
The First Fire - [Gayle Ross]
The Tear - [Dan Keding]
Ninety-Five and Counting - [Jym Kruse]
It's How You Say It - [Len Cabral]
Song for the Whales - [Tom & Chris Kastle]
The Bronco - [Michael Cotter]
The Spirit of the River - [Susan Klein]
Enough Is as Good as a Feast - [Joyce Johnson Rouse]

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Sunrise - Sunset  

A Celebration of Nature


By Jym Kruse

Copyright 2018






The following NuInsites titles by Jym Kruse are currently out of print.



Wilhelm and Abel:  A Family Portrait

A visual chronicle of the Wilhelm and Abel Kruse family in Bennington, NE. The history includes the brothers and sisters of Henry and Chris Kruse.

Copyright 2010


Walnut Grove Farm:  The Lamp - Petersen Homestead In Washington County

Through stories of a sod house, an Easter tornado, a devastating fire and the Great Depression, this is the journey of the parents and grand parents of Helen and Rose Petersen Kruse. It encompasses homesteading in Nebraska in 1865, carving out a piece of their land to create the German Cemetery, and the eventual fate of the fields they called the Walnut Grove Farm.

Copyright 2017


Henry and Helen:  Remember when ...

A remembrance of Henry Kruse and Helen Petersen Kruse. Follow Henry's travels from the wheat fields of Canada to the oil fields of Texas and his marriage to Helen only months before the start of the Great Depression. The births of their children (Don, Bill and Jym Kruse) and the many memories of those children highlight their story.

Copyright 2017


Juliana:  A Year to Remember

A photo essay of Juliana Avery Kruse's first year.

Copyright 2010


August James:  Becoming One

A portrait of Augustus James Kruse as he wiggles, rolls and crawls his way to his first birthday.

Copyright 2012