The following Audio CDs by Jym Kruse are currently out of print.




Well Traveled Seeds  Planted in New Places

The Sultan
The Stonecutter
The Magic City
The Fly
The Treasure
The Old Woman
The Peddler and the Ghost
The Preacher

four coners

Stories from the Four Corners of the World

The Wind and the Sun
The Slop Bucket
Gold in the Chimney
The Tug of War
Ms. Lady Bug
The Sparrow
The Chili Patch



Telling the Truth:  Stories to bring us together

The Cemetery
The Mother Bird
A Great Big Smile
The Wooden Sword
The Great Black Bear




Stories and Songs of Simple Living  Edited by Jym Kruse

Dad Threw the TV Out the Window - [Bill Harley]
The First Fire - [Gayle Ross]
The Tear - [Dan Keding]
Ninety-Five and Counting - [Jym Kruse]
It's How You Say It - [Len Cabral]
Song for the Whales - [Tom & Chris Kastle]
The Bronco - [Michael Cotter]
The Spirit of the River - [Susan Klein]
Enough Is as Good as a Feast - [Joyce Johnson Rouse]